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What is Intuitive Energy Healing?
The Life Force (called Energy) in our bodies can get affected by our life experiences. By increasing the flow of energy through our bodies we may experience changes that not only help our physical bodies but our moods and thought processes. An Intuitive Healer will be able to understand from the soul the blockages in the energy flow in the body. These blocks can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature and can be released by various methods.

What is Animal Soul Talk Communication?
Animal Soul Talk Communication is a soul to soul connection to an animal made telepathically. It does not hurt the animal and they are able to decide whether to communicate or not. It is often a surprise for the animal when they are connected to telepathically but they usually enjoy the experience. Animals can be told about life changes or asked questions.  A professionally trained Animal Soul Talk Communicator can connect to all animals, wild or domesticated, and have an Ethical Code of Conduct which they follow.